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ExpressPlan, Inc.

Expressplan was founded in the early 1990’s to provide technology solutions to the dental industry.  Dentists were beginning the first wave of mass computerization and such features as a computerized appointment book and printing insurance forms on plain paper with a laser printer were cutting-edge stuff.   Expressplan acted as a Softdent reseller until 2000 and helped implement dental practice computerization in over 600 dental practices in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and South and North Carolina.

After 2000, Softdent became a corporate owned product and disbanded their reseller organization.  About this time a new wave of dental practice computerization was underway: to computerize the treatment rooms. Expressplan continued to lead the field in providing the highest level of service and innovative products to help dentists succeed with technology.

Currently Expressplan provides on-line support services, on-line backup services, security services, and now with the migration to on-line tools for dentists, Expressplan offers a full range of online marketing and advertising solutions to dentists across North America.

ReviewInviter for Dentists and LocallyLiked for Dentists (powered by Likeable) along with our break through 5-Star Dental program that will teach patients the best ways to seek out the right dental practice for their family and then connect them with a 5-Star practice in their area are just a few examples of the latest innovations Expressplan is designing to better apply on-line technology solutions to help the local dentist succeed.

Mike Remer, CEO

avatarTotal Marketing Management for Your Dental Practice

Our new 5-Star Dental program is based on 4 pillars that apply to a new or mature practice.

There is a strong trend today in dentistry where large corporations are taking over dental practices at an increasing rate.
Traditional solo or small-group dentistry is facing stiffer competition in the marketplace and needs strategies to compete.
Our belief is that the solo or small-group practice is best equipped to deliver stellar service to their patients. These practices are owned by the local dentist who is present and making decisions about how care is delivered.

The 4 Pillars of a 5-Star Dental Practice include:

  1. Deliver High-Quality Dental Care
  2. Culture of Quality Patient Service Through Enhanced Technology Solutions
  3. Brand and Reputation
  4. Promotion and Marketing

With your marketing initiatives, whether yours or ones we recommend, you should be generating new leads for patients needing treatment.

We magnify results by building, managing, monitoring and marketing your online presence, brand and reputation.
If you have an interest in these types of solutions for your practice, please connect with me.

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