threeBecause of the automated processes built in to our powerful ReviewInviter technology you are assured that you have done all you can do to encourage our patient to post a review.

Your patient wants to help, the system just provides them with a few gentle reminders to follow through for you. with their feedback on your practice and team.  You are immediately notified if their feedback is not up to par, but because your patients love you and gave positive feedback our system goes the extra mile and requests that they re-post their comments on one of the major review sites where your future prospective patients will visit when they hear about your business.


Simple and Effective.

To Review:

  1. Your staff member has a short dialog with your patient letting them know how much they can help you by following through and posting their review online.
  2. One of our easy tools is used by your staff to add the patient to our powerful ReviewInviter system.
  3. Your patient is reminded by email to follow through and post their feedback about your practice; and if positive, encouraged to complete an online review for others to see.