twoReviewInviter is automatic once it knows who to invite. Your ReviewInviter business dashboard includes a Quick-Add link where your employee simply types the patient’s name and email OR For your web-savy patients you can supply them with a short link to your ReviewInviter feedback page.
There are no restrictions on how you can give out this link. You can experiment with the best way to do it for your business. Our clients use many methods such as:

  • Make a short link at a site like and supply it to your customer
  • Print up the link on a business card and hand it to the patient to visit the link next time they are in front of a computer.
  • Ask the patient to get out their smart phone and visit the link while they are at your business.
  • Have a tablet pc set up in your office with the practice feedback page live on the tablet for the patient to enter their feedback right there.
  • Have a tablet pc set up where your employee can enter the patient’s name and email on your ReviewInviter dashboard quick-add
  • Have your employee add their name and email via their smartphone.
  • Buy a domain at Godaddy, like “” and forward it to your ReviewInviter feedback page, give that link to your patients.
  • Ask your patients to text “feedbackdrjones” to 72727, they get a sms message back with instructions on how to post feedback (this optional feature comes with the Platinum package.

The key to make that first step as easy and painless as possible because once ReviewInviter knows your patient’s name and email, the rest is automatic.